PPP Amendment Proclamation No 1283-2023

PPP Amendment Proclamation No 1283-2023

Stay informed about the latest developments in Ethiopia’s PPP landscape. Explore the key changes introduced by the PPP Amendment

No 1283-2023 and their on your business.

the proclamation:

  • The amendment introduces a direct negotiation mechanism for Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs).
  • This allows the Public-Private Partnership Board to endorse project proposals based on bilateral intergovernmental economic diplomacy or direct contact with foreign companies.
  • It also clarifies exemptions for public enterprises and outlines minimum requirements for projects proposed through direct negotiation.

Discuss the potential impact of the amendment

  • It could streamline the PPP approval process for certain projects, attracting more foreign investment.
  • However, concerns exist about transparency and accountability with direct negotiations.
  • It’s essential to ensure a level playing field for all interested parties.

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PPP Amendment Proclamation No 1283-2023

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PPP Amendment Proclamation No 1283-2023
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