fdr proclamation-1987

gedausme fdr proclamation

Proc No. 1-1995 Constitution of the Federal Democratic Repu

Proc No. 2-1995 Declaration of the Establishment of the Fed

Proc No. 3-1995 Federal Negarit Gazeta Establishment

Proc No. 4-1995 Definition of Powers and Duties of the Exec

Proc No. 5-1995 Federal Government Revenues Board Establishm

Proc No. 6-1995 Security, Immigration and Refugee Affairs A

Proc No. 7-1995 Ethiopian Science and Technology Commission

Proc No. 8-1995 Federal Civil Service Commission Establishme

Proc No. 9-1995 Environmental Protection Authority Establis

Proc No. 10-1995 Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Commi

Proc No. 11-1995 Tourism Commission Establishment

Proc No. 12-1995 Sports Commission Establishment

gedausme fdr proclamation
gedausme fdr proclamation FDRE PROC

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